Our Story

 We are a family-founded company that is passionate about bringing high-quality, professional nail polish products to market. Our team is made up of beauty industry professionals and nail art enthusiasts who have come together to create a brand that reflects our love for all things nails.
We dedicated ourselves to crafting custom formulations for base and top coats, collaborating with manufacturers' laboratories in both America and Europe. We meticulously developed and tested these materials in our very own nail studio. Additionally, we designed customized tools and rigorously tested our materials on a diverse range of clients over a span of three years. This thorough process has granted us an intimate understanding of material behavior from all angles.
Nailspiracy takes gel manicures to new heights with a modern formula cultivated with a health-first approach. Unlike commonly used nail enhancers that damage the natural nail, Nailspiracy uses a three-step gel polish technique that focuses on growing natural nails. Made in Germany with over three years of research, we craft each product to be gentle and durable while still stylish in every creation. Without ever using harmful acrylic materials, we've built a brand for the modern nail enthusiast who enjoys the artistry of nail design. Our polishes, top coats, and base coats are made with intention from beginning to end and align with our mission to preserve the health of natural nails.
Experience the transformation of adorned nails that will have you feeling beautiful without the fear of damage or breakage.
We are excited to share our vision with you and invite you to join us on this journey. Through our online classes, we will explain every facet of Russian Manicure. We're ready to impart this information, providing you with insights into the art and science of nail care. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out on your nail art journey, we hope that Nailspiracy will be a brand that you can rely on for all of your nail polish needs.
Thank you for choosing us!