Russian Manicure Upgrade

This Russian Manicure Upgrade course is designed for masters already working in the Russian style and wishing to advance it to the next level. It’s no secret that this technique is not easy. Many of us still can’t boast of perfect results with Russian Manicure. Someone has a bad manicure cleanliness, some have a coating, and so on. In this profession we have to constantly learn new things and improve our skills to get both moral pleasure and financial satisfaction.

The course consists of one day and we have to practice on two models. You can generate a list of the most interesting for you moments in advance and we will try to maximally adjust the upgrade course for you. Note: Before signing up for up-grade course, you have to show us your Russian Manicure work and we will determine your level and whether you will go to this Russian Manicure Upgrade course or Russian Manicure from Zero for beginners. Course be given by Siri, founder of Nail Art Department Studio. Voted Best Manicure Studio in Miami and South Florida.

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Top Level Skill secrets of fundamental combined Russian Manicure course using an e-file machine and nipper Explained.

Who is this course for? 
  • Existing Russian Manicure professionals looking to advance their skillset 
  • Current nail business owners thriving for new business heights.
The list of questions can be covered by Russian Manicure UPGRADE course:
  • 3 cutter removal techniques: fast; for superfine coating; for thick coating.
  • Opening of the stuck cuticle.
  • Why does it hurt when working with a pocket? What to do if there is no pocket?
  • How to make a crystal clear pocket under the cuticle without pain.
  • How to get the sinuses to perfection.
  • Dirt under the cuticle. Scrubbing quickly and without trauma.
  • Remove hated burrs from the ingrowing points.
  • Sawed-off and injured narrow points. What to do?
  • Working with stiff pterygium and old cuts.
  • How to cut any cuticle with the apparatus.
  • Types of skin, types of cuticles and peculiarities of working with them.
  • How to remove damp, rubbery, sticky cuticles quickly and easily.
  • How the cuticle cutters work.
  • How the angle of the cut affects the cut.
  • Where pressure is needed.
  • Why the cuticle is sometimes torn and chafed instead of being cut.
  • How to get the cuticle to the “photoshopped” effect. How not to rub over dry, wet or combinate skin.
  • How to work with sensitive skin. Close capillaries.
  • Why sometimes the cuticle lies down and won’t cut. What to do?
  • Repair of cracks on the free edge, nail bed. Bilateral cracks.
  • The subtleties of leveling with a topcoat, creating perfect highlights.
  • Alignment of flat, flighty, down-growing, trapezoidal, deformed, lens-shaped nails.
  • Squares, almonds, and almond nail extensions.
  • Sawing shapes: short square, long square, soft square, hard square, squo-oval, oval on short length, narrowed oval, almond.
  • Common mistakes,  causes and solutions. Is the cuticle sticking? Crawling? Does it tear? Are the sinuses unclean? Burrs?
Russian Manicure Upgrade course nail art department siri

All material and equipment for Russian Manicure Upgrade will be provided by Nail Art Department. We require to come in a good mood with positive energy and ready to absorb a lot of information.

Course time plan:
  • Day 1. Work with 2 the model.
You will also receive:

Certification upon completion of course + beginner kit including:

  • Base Coat Hard
  • Base Coat Premium
  • Ceramic Gel Polish Removal Bit
  • Best quality Diamond Russian Bit

After completing the Russian Manicure Upgrade course you have the opportunity to work in our studio with a 1-year contract, so you can cushion the highest quality experience, which will help you to develop further (Florida cosmetology license is required).

Price: $1000

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