E-File Dry Pedicure

E-File Dry Pedicure is one of the most popular services. The difference between a E-File Dry Pedicure and another type of pedicure is that the e-file dry pedicure delicately takes extra care when treating the cuticle area. To perform this service, it is used an electric nail shaper with different types of drills depending on the state of the cuticle of each client. However, it must be taken into account that the execution of this specific technique of pedicure and nail varnish requires additional time of work for the specialist.

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Without bacteria-breeding tubs of water, there is no risk of cross-contamination, making it a healthy option and one involving far less exposure to chemicals.  It involves the care of the skin of the feet and toenails. And it is carried out by a nail tech in several stages: disinfection and examination of feet, cutting of nails and giving them the desired shape, removal of keratinized skin, corns, corns (with preliminary softening), treatment of cuticles, application of care products and, if necessary, decorative coating of nails with varnish or gel-lacquer (alternatively – with medical preparations).

In order to soften the skin, pedicure technicians used to use only maceration – soaking the feet in warm water (sometimes adding liquid soap to it). However, this type of preparation of the skin of the feet for pedicure today is not the best option. Moreover, it has quite a few contraindications, here are just a few of them: pregnancy, feet with fungal skin or nail infections. For such clients was invented dry pedicure with using keratolytics to exfoliate dead skin cells. It soften the skin of the feet and cuticles, performing the function of water, though it cope with it much faster and more effectively. Keratolytics cause active loosening of dead epidermal cells, making them easy to remove during the pedicure procedure. When performing pedicures with keratolytics, there is no need to soak the skin in water.

Description of E-File Dry Pedicure course:

A fundamental combined dry pedicure course using an e-file machine and nipper. In this 3 days course, you will learn everything you need to start offering best E-File Dry Pedicure service in your salon.

Who is E-File Dry Pedicure course for? 
  • Beginners ready to learn and jump-start a new career 
  • Professionals looking to advance their skillset 
  • Nail business owners seeking new business heights.
This course includes:
  • Introduction
  • Furniture and equipment for pedicure
  • Pedicure stand / Drawer
  • Working posture and nail technician chair
  • Arrangement and preparation of pedicure area environment
  • Nail technician outfit and protection
  • Sterilizing room equipment
  • Autoclave sterilizer
  • Electric nail file with vacuum
  • Advanced Feet Skin Cleaning and Care 
  • Abrasive. Types of drill bits.


  • Foot examination
  • Anatomy shown on actual nail
  • Foot anatomy explained on the model
  • Filing and shaping the toenails
  • Cuticle care and removal
  • Pushing back the cuticle with cone bit
  • How to hold the drill bit when working with the cuticle and side walls
  • Cleaning the cuticle and lateral walls
  • Foot examination
  • How to remove cracks and callus
  • How to make heels smooth
  • Scrub and cream application
  • Applying nurturing cream
  • Typical mistakes when working with thin skin explained
  • How to remove callus with sand bit
  • Removing cracks with sand bit
  • Deep crack removal with carbide bit
  • How to remove onycholysis
  • Crack on the toenail. How to repair it easily
  • Ingrown nail care with Different methods
  • Safe Gel Polish Removal
  • Advanced Cuticle Care and Removal
  • Complete E-file Nail Prep
  • Proper Bonding Sequence
  • Perfect Gel Application under the cuticle
  • Free Edge Filing Techniques
  • Secrets of Combined Pedicure: E-File + Nipper

All material and equipment will be provided by Nail Art Department. We require to come in a good mood with positive energy and ready to absorb a lot of information.

Course time plan:
  • Day 1. Theoretical part, demonstration of technique on a model. Independent practice of the technique on a model, under the instructor’s supervision.
  • Day 2. Independent work on two additional models under the instructor’s guidance.
You will also receive:

Certification upon completion of course + beginner kit including:

  • Base Coat Hard
  • Base Coat Premium
  • Ceramic Gel Polish Removal Bit
  • Best quality Diamond Russian Bit

After completing the E-File Dry Pedicure course you have the opportunity to work in our studio with a 1-year contract, so you can cushion the highest quality experience, which will help you to develop further (Florida cosmetology license is required).

Price: $1500

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