Russian Manicure from Zero

More and more nail professionals turn to electric filing (E-file) or also know as a Russian Manicure or Modern manicure. It provides for quicker and tidier results with less physical efforts. Your wrists and neck will not get tired as the actual work will be done by the machine. Nail professionals often do not know how to chose the right tool. How to work with it properly. How each file bit should be used and at what speed. Many rely on their intuition, and that can sometimes result in nail damage and inflamed cuticle. There are many details and subtleties that you just won’t be able to master on your own.

Russian Manicure From Zero course is designed for absolute beginners, eager to enter the magical world of the nail industry, as well as for masters with experience in classical styles having no experience with E-File. This course will expand your skills to be a successful nail technician, both in the nail salon or on your own. Course be given by Siri, founder of Nail Art Department Studio. Voted Best Manicure Studio in Miami and South Florida.

russian manicure from zero course

Basics of Russian Manicure

  • Perfect filing. This means that the nails are filed in one clear shape, the proportions of length and width are maintained (the index and ring finger are the same, the nail on the middle finger is the same or slightly longer, depending on the width of the bed, on the pinky – slightly shorter than the ring finger, on the thumb – slightly longer than the middle finger).
  • The sinuses of the nail are thoroughly cleaned, there are no traces of pterygium. The lateral rollers are polished with no traces of dryness.
  • The cuticle is completely removed and polished, no burrs after a couple of days. With such cleanliness, there are no wounds or cuts.
  • The nail plate coat is perfectly aligned, with no “bumps” in the sides, with perfect architecture and, as a result, with a fashionable “perfect glare”. The color is applied under the cuticle.

The 5 keys to success or why Russian Manicure From Zero is right for you:

  1. Relevance. Training in accordance with new trends in manicure. Modern techniques of alignment and strengthening of the nail plate.
  2. Safety. A non-traumatic combined russian manicure with no harming the client.
  3. Speed. Learning to work quickly and productively without compromising the quality.
  4. Practice is our everything! 3 days of training – 3 models. For the best learning of the material, developing muscle memory, and building up an initial portfolio for a quick start in the profession.
  5. Certification upon completion of course + beginner kit including basic materials and diamond bids.


A fundamental combined manicure course using an e-file machine and nipper.

Who is this course for? 

  • Beginners ready to learn and jump-start a new career 
  • Professionals looking to advance their skillset 
  • Nail business owners seeking new business heights.

This course includes:

  • Sanitation / Disinfection/ Self-protection
  • Arrangement and preparation of the manicure table
  • Safe Gel Polish Removal
  • Advanced Cuticle Care and Removal
  • Complete E-file Nail Prep
  • Explanation of Russian Bits
  • Proper Bonding Sequence
  • Perfect Gel Application under the cuticle.
  • Flawless Options Application
  • Free Edge Filing Techniques
  • Secrets of Combined Manicure: E-File + Nipper
  • Nail repair.


All material and equipment will be provided by Nail Art Department. We require to come in a good mood with positive energy and ready to absorb a lot of information.

Course time plan:

  • Day 1. The theoretical part and practicing on tipis + work with the model.
  • Day 2. Work with two models.
  • Day 3. Self-practice with 2 models under the instructor’s supervision.

You will also receive:

Certification upon completion of course + beginner kit including:

  • Base Coat Hard
  • Base Coat Premium
  • Ceramic Gel Polish Removal Bit
  • Best quality Diamond Russian Bit


After completing the Russian Manicure From Zero course you have the opportunity to work in our studio with a 1-year contract, so you can cushion the highest quality experience, which will help you to develop further (Florida cosmetology license is required).


Price: $1200

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